I help entrepreneurial women create their MONEY & LIFE goals.

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"I've gone in three months from having no business to having a business and getting promoted at work.
Seriously, it is so worth it. It's been amazing to actually work with her and challenge my thoughts. I'm so happy. The results that I've created have been amazing."

Michelle Kevill

Hi I'm Meaghan.

I'm a Money Mindset and Life coach for women.

I'm certified through The Life Coach School and live in Sydney, Australia.

I help women create their money and life goals.

There are three ways I can help you.

1. Free Course

Create your money and life goals

This three day video course will help you learn the process to create your goals so they are as good as done.

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Learn how to improve your relationship with money and yourself.

3. One to One Coaching

Work with me privately in my 6 month coaching program.

This is for you if you want tailored, personal support to create your money and life goals.

Hear what my clients say

Heather Flake, Life Coach, Arizona, USA

Learn the process to
create your money & life goals
so they are as good as done.
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